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Are You On The Verge Of Burn Out?

 (or maybe you're there already..)

Health and wellness providers are faced with intensive stress on a daily basis.

-We juggle providing high quality care in a high volume environments..

-Balancing moral obligation between empathetic patient care and insurance regulation, red tape, paperwork.

-We often continue  to provide care to our clients when our own minds and bodies need rest.

This is a recipe for injury, illness, or burnout, and



How Can I Support You?


Pull yourself off the hamster wheel and begin your healing process with a customized week-long program. I blend research based surf-therapy  together with  use physical therapy, yoga and meditation to help get your nervous system and body back on track. 



Check off the grid with a retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Reprogram your body and mind, creating new healthy habits, setting new boundaries, and gaining clarity on how to create your ideal life... all while feeling supported in your body.



Reinforce new healthy patterns you establish during your custom wellness week or retreat with 12 weeks of individualized life coaching sessions.  Weekly sessions can include review of corrective exercises and stretching, nutrition programs, business or life goals. 



On paper, my credentials read that I am a physical therapist, a life coach, and a massage therapist.. But how does that really help you? 

Let me share a little story with you to help explain some.. One day at work, while transferring a patient from his bed to chair, I slipped in poo, re-injured a disc in my back, and before I knew it, I was out of work, unable to do the activities I loved, having trouble with my marriage, and realizing that I didn't even know who I was anymore. I realized that I had spent almost a decade operating just above the line of burnout, and that my patterns in my personal and professional life contributed to my injury. 

Think of me as your guide, someone who can help you navigate your healing journey, uncover blocks where you may be stuck, and provide a safe place for you to discover what's holding you back from shining your light. 





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 I created this course because:
  • I know what it's like to feel 'less than human' because your body and your mind have different ideas about what needs to happen.

  • I know that scary feeling as world keeps spinning but you need to slow everything down so you can heal.
  • It is hard to see the silver lining during your journey.. and believe that you'll come out on the other side of it...

    (possibly shining even brighter than before)


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