Arial Starr creates healing tools inspired by love.

Creative expression is critical to your healing journey.

My Healing Journey: 

A 30 Day Guided Journal Back in Science & Love to Support You During Your Recovery. 

Arial Starr guides you through daily, weekly, and monthly journaling prompts. 

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When your mom is a long-haul truck driver, you gain perspective.

Growing up,  the words 'female norms' did not apply...  and being motivated to try any new things was encouraged. Moving cross-country, solo however took on more challenging lessons of self-love, drawing boundaries, and finding inner strength when feeling defeated.

Arial Starr's memoirs are written to encourage through a series of heartfelt art, inspirational stories, and focused journaling and art prompts. Arial Starr is written with advocacy for self love, personal growth, and motivation for women around the world.

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