Low Back Shame


Here’s the thing.. about 92% of me has been conditioned to believe that lumbar fusion surgery is ‘bad’, a last result, that people that do it were brain washed to believe that surgery heals all.  My professional career has kind of had an undertone culture that all injuries should be able to heal with time and love.  I am a physical therapist, massage therapist, life coach, and yogi..l should know this by now inside and out.. right?


I have been lead to believe that energetically, physically and emotionally I ‘should be’ able to have the strength to heal this with just the ‘right’ treatment. Be it:

strengthening through physical therapy





visceral manipulation


anti inflammatories 

modified my career

craniosacral therapy

Trigger point work


Reiki and other energy work

cold immersion

miracle balls






coaching, thought...

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My Thoughts On Moral Injury versus Burn Out.

burnout heal moral injury Mar 30, 2019

Okay...ZDogg...I hear you.. and to an extent, agree.. although I haven't ever been on a true battlefield and haven't had to work with bombs potentially exploding in my path.. so I do wonder if this is a bit extreme, but, you make a point. 


ZDogg talks about not using the language of 'burn out'... but... I think we can all at least relate to that concept at some level.. and so here is what the next chapter is bringing for me.. to help 'us' ..

This topic has weighed so heavily on my mind since recovering from a work injury that was so preventable in so many ways.. just getting the website up, but retreat dates are already booked in Costa Rica for next year.. with the intention of helping health care practitioners find space/ time and boundaries to create a healthier work/life balance (especially in the face of moral injury).. 

Oh yeah.. he pokes fun at retreats.  I get his point there too, however... stepping away from a toxic work environment is one of the...

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10 Tips To Find Inner Peace While Recovering From Injury

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2019

 Sometimes days, I feel like a total imposter. I’ve worked as a physical therapist for 10+ years and love helping keep people active and healthy, however I have been ‘sidelined’ for the last 15 months, recovering from my own back injury and surgery. Healing from my injury has challenged me to re-wire and re-look at every aspect of my life.  It has given me a new perspective that healing requires a far more holistic approach than I ever imagined.



It’s hard to not get down on yourself when you can count on one hand how many times you have been able to get in the ocean and surf- go for a jog-work.. even sneeze without pain in the last year. ..


The reality of the situation is that I know that there is temperance in everything, but when you are working through the drudges, the thick of having your life hijacked by an unwanted injury, it can be hard to see that.


So here’s some ideas I’d like to share with you that...

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Seek Joy: December 2018 Shine Your Light Day

Uncategorized Dec 09, 2018

The holiday season is here..
and for some, this can intensify
emotions and increase stress..

Additionally, for some people,
the onset of winter weather can trigger
mood swings and depression.

This month during
take time to reflect on what brings you
Then on the 9th..
Take 2 minutes of unplugged focused time
for meditation or prayer:

-1 minute honoring YOUR inner light
-1 minute for a friend/family member/group that
you care about.

In joining together at the same time each month
8AM PST/11AM EST, we engage together in a
more powerful way that supports interconnectivity,
support, and love.

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Enjoy The Journey: November 2018 Shine Your Light Day

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2018

Enjoy The Journey..

This month has been full of life changes.. I've found myself on several occasions thinking about, 'just get through this and then_________'.. or looking back and thinking, "I wish I had ________'. In reality, everything is just so for a reason, and whether you're in the middle of 1 crisis or a 100, there's a reason, a journey, and a purpose (whether or not it's big and obvious or just happens to fit in somewhere down the road) for most all.

So this month is about staying in the moment, enjoying the journey that you may be on, and remembering to be present in all that we do.

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Life Is Precious: October 2018 Shine Your Light Day

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2018

This last month has been filled with several reminders of how precious our time here on Earth truly is. So often, I find myself getting swept up in the action steps of how to move forwards with my health, my career, my marriage.. It's dizzying some days how quickly my head is bouncing from one topic to the next, taking for granted while making these plans for my future that the people, animals, and comforts that I am assuming are 'stable' or 'stationary' will be there too.

Three weeks ago, my husband and I were in the mix of making a decision about moving or staying in San Diego, accepting or not accepting new jobs, and arguing about some trivial thing pertaining to the infestation of ants in our kitchen, when the shoe dropped. My dog Buster came down with a unilateral nose bleed, which lead to a veterinary scavenger hunt to figure out what was wrong.. ending in a lung cancer diagnosis. On the same day, a very close family member received ominous news that she had a large cancerous...

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Nature Your Soul: September 2018 Shine Your Light Day

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2018

Summer used to be my favorite season. Long days, beautiful evenings, and incredible time spent on the coast growing up in Maine were landmarks of my favorite season. I would cherish every minute with my friends who traveled from other states to spend time on the Island I lived on. And as September neared, a bittersweet feeling that winter was approaching would sink into my bones and a sadness would begin to sink in as I realized how fast the time had flown by.  

Flash forward 20 years, and I am finally unravelling this myth that summer is my favorite season whilst living in Southern California. It finally dawned on me this year that for about 5 years, every summer, my husband and I experience a sense of angst, edginess and urge to flee from southern California between the months of June-September. Traffic, crowds, rude people, recent increased heat and humidity, lack of peace, congestion at the beach, massive wild fires, and many other external environmental stressors would...

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Stand Together With Love: August's Theme for Shine Your Light Day

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2018

In 2004 I was 24 years old, lost, confused and 100% heart broken. I’d spent the previous six years busting ass, going through my undergrad program while commuting ‘the hill’ from Aptos, CA to San Francisco three times a week. I had been rehabbing my way through three seemingly endless knee surgeries the entire time I was in college. My sights had been set for years on getting into to UC San Francisco for their physical therapy program, and somehow, sitting in my sublet room one block away from Parnassus Ave, listening to the MUNI shake the building every 30 minutes, I wasn’t sure anymore.

I think the prestige of going to such an amazing school had lured me there, but 2/3 of the way through my first semester, I found myself completely burned out, craving the surf I missed in Santa Cruz, and hating the summer fog that chilled me to the bone. My heart hurt from a recent break up, and I felt totally and utterly scared and confused about what to do...

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Shine Your Light Day

shine your light day Jun 09, 2018




Our gift to shine our uniquely own light here in this life sometimes gets overshadowed. Having spent a week in March at an intensive coaching course with 10 other women, and 1 very open-minded guy, I am blown away by the messages that we all somehow internalize, prohibiting us from shining true.  I watched several of my classmates process inner blocks, emotions, and reach for growth. It was beautiful. It was freeing. The general theme throughout these blocks included the I am not enough, I am not deserving, I shouldn’t shine. 

About Arial Starr:

When I wrote and released my first book this year, Dream Big, Live Large, Love More-15 Lessons Learned: Memoirs from a Truck Driver’s Daughter, my vision was to empower others by sharing my story, provide writing and art prompts, to encourage others to be true to themselves. I wanted to be a voice of empowerment for people to share their inner love and light. By being your true, raw self, you...

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