Shine Your Light Day

shine your light day Jun 09, 2018




Our gift to shine our uniquely own light here in this life sometimes gets overshadowed. Having spent a week in March at an intensive coaching course with 10 other women, and 1 very open-minded guy, I am blown away by the messages that we all somehow internalize, prohibiting us from shining true.  I watched several of my classmates process inner blocks, emotions, and reach for growth. It was beautiful. It was freeing. The general theme throughout these blocks included the I am not enough, I am not deserving, I shouldn’t shine. 

About Arial Starr:

When I wrote and released my first book this year, Dream Big, Live Large, Love More-15 Lessons Learned: Memoirs from a Truck Driver’s Daughter, my vision was to empower others by sharing my story, provide writing and art prompts, to encourage others to be true to themselves. I wanted to be a voice of empowerment for people to share their inner love and light. By being your true, raw self, you...

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